The Church Is Saving Justin Bieber’s Soul From His Worst Enemy: Himself

The Church Is Saving Justin Bieber's Soul From His Worst Enemy: Himself featureSince canceling the end of the “Purpose World Tour,” Justin Bieber has been spending a lot of time at church and with spiritual leaders. While the high dose of religious activity has led some to question what’s to come for Justin, a new report from PEOPLE features an insider claiming that Justin is doing great now. After concerns about Justin’s health and spirit, he’s apparently righting his spiritual ship thanks to his holy friends.

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Struggling Solo Artist Louis Tomlinson Misses The Easy Fun Of His One Direction Days

Louis Tomlinson Misses The Easy Fun Of His One Direction Days As He Embarks On Difficult Solo Career featureLouis Tomlinson sat down with MTV to answer some fan questions about his songwriting, his fame and the differences between being a member of One Direction and being a solo artist. The “Back to You” singer’s confidence has been surging in recent interviews, but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to keep it real when asked about his past, present and future.

“It’s definitely a lot harder,” Louis said of being a solo artist. “I’m sure everyone would say that.”When we first went into the band, you know, we were very young and we all got on so well that we felt kind of impenetrable at that time. So, I think, naturally as you got older and also now I’m out on me own, you feel the pressures more, I suppose. I don’t think either is better or worse.”

There is one big difference Louis has noticed, though.

“In terms of fun, of course it’s got to be more fun when you’re in the band and you’ve got people to share it with,” he shared.

Louis also discussed regretting his tattoos and his hopes for his upcoming album.

Watch Louis’ interview below.

(Photo credit: MTV International YouTube account)

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Cardi B Can’t Bother To Spell Demi Lovato’s Name Right While Freaking Out About Her Rapping “Bodak Yellow”

Cardi B Can't Bother To Spell Demi Lovato's Name Right While Freaking Out About Her Rapping Bodak Yellow featureCardi B took notice of Demi Lovato’s interview with Elvis Duran earlier this week. Ahead of her rainy “Good Morning America” performance, Demi sat down with Elvis to chat about her single life and her next album. But Demi was also caught on camera rapping the opening bars of “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi’s hit song. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer nailed the rhymes and even censored herself in the process.

Cardi posted about the tribute on Instagram, but apparently isn’t quite as familiar with Demi as Demi is with her. In the caption on the video she posted, Cardi wrote, “Ooooo shit bitch !!!! DEMI MOTHER FUCKING LOVADO!!!!”

The typo seems like an honest mistake, not a shady slight. But if Cardi doesn’t know Demi’s last name that well, she might not know just how petty Demi can get. If Demi is looking for an apology, she’s probably more likely to get an answer similar to her new single.

Demi might not be paying Cardi any mind, though, as she’s prepping for her birthday on Sunday. Demi won’t be celebrating this weekend. Instead, she’s preparing to take in the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor next Saturday with friends.

Check out Cardi’s post and Demi’s interview about her birthday plans below.

(Photo credits: Demi Lovato and Cardi B Instagram accounts)

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Bella Thorne Can’t Get Over Zendaya’s Appearance in Bruno Mars Music Video

Bella Thorne Can't Get Over Zendaya's Appearance in Bruno Mars Music Video featureBella Thorne finally got a chance to watch her pal Zendaya as she starred in the video for “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars. Zendaya’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” co-star Tom Holland already made it clear how he felt about the video, so it was probably only a matter of time before Bella weighed in on the visual.

Bella and Zendaya were in a few music videos together back in the day. As co-stars on Disney’s “Shake It Up,” the duo dueted on a few tracks that got video treatments. Luckily for nosy fans, those vids are still up on YouTube.

Bella may hate her memories of Disney, but she clearly loves Zendaya’s new work with adult themes. Maybe she’ll try to get her old pal for a music video for her next song.

Check out Bella’s tweet about Zendaya below, plus relive some of their former music video glory together.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne and Zendaya Instagram accounts)

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Liam Payne Can’t Remember The Name Of His Platinum Single

Liam Payne Can't Remember The Name Of His Platinum Single featureLiam Payne was just trying to celebrate a new milestone as an artist Friday afternoon. The singer’s solo debut, “Strip That Down,” went platinum, and Liam took to Twitter to celebrate with his team and his fans.

Unfortunately, Liam apparently has more than two left feet–he also has two left thumbs. The One Direction star accidentally got the name of his own platinum single wrong in one of his tweets.

Liam blamed it on autocorrect, but fans weren’t about to let the typo slide regardless of how it happened. Almost immediately, fans began putting together Photoshopped screenshots of the song playing on their phones with Liam’s mistake as the new name.

Check out Liam’s tweet and some of the fan responses below.

(Photo credit: Liam Payne Instagram account)

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The Serpent Speaks: Taylor Swift Hides Messages In Her Website And Slithering Onto “Good Morning America”

The Serpent Speaks: Taylor Swift Is Hiding Messages In Her Website And Slithering On To Good Morning America featureTaylor Swift pulled off a Houdini-level vanishing act across all of her social media accounts on Friday. Her Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and official Facebook page were all completely stripped of everything except for a username and the millions of followers waiting for Taylor’s next move. Taylor’s scorched earth policy with her accounts has led to a ton of speculation about why she decided to hit the delete button that many times in a row.

The most popular theory out there seems to be that Taylor’s long-rumored 2017 album is finally on its way. Hardcore Swifties noticed that the social media bleaching came on the three-year anniversary of the “1989” album announcement, leading them to believe that the blanked accounts serve as a sort of announcement that a new album is coming.

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